Seyhan Dwelis Curation Facility


Seyhan Dwelis Curation Facility

The Seyhan Dwelis Curation Facility meets 36 CFR 79 federal requirements and is a state-approved repository located on the campus of UCCS housed in the Department of Anthropology within Centennial Hall. This facility curates and manages collections obtained during the course of archaeological investigations by the UCCS Department of Anthropology and other artifacts related to UCCS history. We also curate collections obtained from various projects by other agencies in accordance with state and federal regulations that relate to the research interests of the Department of Anthropology faculty.

History of Facility: The facility was established in 1998 in Dwire Hall to act as a repository for the archaeological research and collecting of the faculty of the Department of Anthropology at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. The Department and curation facility was temporarily moved to Ulrich House in 2006 as the University remodeled Dwire Hall and Centennial Hall. The remodel of Centennial Hall included the creation of a professional quality curation facility with climate control and dry fire suppression system. The move to the new facility housed in Centennial Hall took place in 2010.

Curation Agreements: The Seyhan Dwelis Curation Facility is an approved repository that can accept state and federal collections. There is a two-step process for creating curation agreements with the Seyhan Dewlis Curation Facility. The first step involves drafting a letter of intent to curate between the firm or agency and the campus. The letter of intent is valid for two years. It also requires a $100 administrative fee that is deducted from the first box fee if/when collections are deposited. The second step is only required if the firm/agency deposits materials with the Curation Facility. If the project deposits materials, the campus must create a Memorandum of Agreement. This document locks in the ability to deposit materials without further agreements, the terms curation, and the fees for 5 years. For information related to our repository requirements, draft letter of intent, and current fees see the appropriate link below:

Access: The collections are available for research to faculty, students and qualified professionals or other individuals engaged in research as well as to tribal representatives. Please note that summer hours are limited due to field projects and other staff limitations. Please allow at least a 3 week notice for access requests. To find out more about the collections housed in the curation facility, or access to those collections please contact the Curator of Anthropology, Karin