Cognitive Anthropology Certification

Cognitive Anthropology Certification

Program Delivery

On Campus, Online, Hybrid

Total Credits

36 Credits

About the Certification Program

The Undergraduate Certificate in Cognitive Archaeology is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for students to delve into the evolutionary development of cognition in humans and other primates. 

UCCS offers this certificate through a combination of on-campus and online courses, making it accessible to students globally. The certificate is beneficial for students majoring in psychology, anthropology, philosophy, linguistics, cognitive studies, or interdisciplinary studies.

Focus of Study

This multidisciplinary field draws from cognitive psychology, cognitive neurosciences, neuropsychology, anthropology, archaeology, linguistics, and philosophy, to explore the origins and adaptive purposes of cognitive processes such as:

  • Concept formation
  • Spatial cognition
  • Social cognition
  • Language
  • Symbolic structures
  • Working memory

Program Requirements

  • Students shall be currently enrolled at UCCS or concurrently enrolled at an accredited university.
  • Students shall complete twelve (12) upper-division credit hours (two core and two elective courses) offered by the UCCS Departments of Anthropology, Psychology, and Philosophy, covering the core and elective courses listed under Curriculum.
  • Students accepted into the certificate program shall maintain a 3.00 GPA once undergraduate courses are started.
  • Complete a written portfolio for review, consisting of one sample of written work from each class.
  • Complete evaluation and suggestions for program development.

Program Coursework

The following table lists the core and elective curriculum for Undergraduate Certification in Cognitive Archaeology through the Center for Cognitive Archaeology at UCCS. Undergraduate tuition is $1,300 per course (inclusive of all fees).

Course Title Credits Type
ANTH 4310 Cognitive Evolution 3.0 Core
ANTH 4915 History of Cognitive Archaeology 3.0 Core
ANTH 4115 Evolution of Ritual and Religion 3.0 Elective
ANTH 4105 Neurocognition of Art 3.0 Elective
ANTH 4255 Embodied Cognition and Material Cultural 3.0 Elective
ANTH 4125 Rock Art and Modern Cognition 3.0 Elective
ANTH 4245 Evolution of Symbolic Behavior 3.0 Elective
ANTH 4345 Paleoneurology 3.0 Elective
ANTH 4355 Neandertal Cognition 3.0 Elective
ANTH 4800 Adv Tpc: Anth Linguistics 3.0 Elective
PHIL 4200 Consciousness 3.0 Elective
PHIL 4330 Philosophy of Mind 3.0 Elective

Program Accreditation

All courses fall within the accreditation of the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS), an institution of higher learning fully accredited through the North Central Association of the Higher Learning Commission. As such, credits for courses offered by the UCCS Center for Cognitive Archaeology may be transferred to other institutions.

Additional information on the accreditation status of UCCS may be found on the Institutional Research website.