Anthropology Centers

The Center for Cognitive Archaeology (CCA)

The Center for Cognitive Archaeology (CCA) provides undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to study the evolutionary development of cognition in humans and other primates. The CCA offers 12 different online courses, which are taught by professors from UCCS and by experts from all over the world. Upon successful completion of any four courses, the University of Colorado will award an official Certificate of Cognitive Archaeology at the undergraduate or graduate level.

CCA supports cutting-edge research and provides courses unavailable at any other institution in the world such as paleoneurology, rock art, embodied cognition, neuroanthropology, and others. 

What is Cognitive Archaeology?

Seyhan Dwelis Curation Facility

The Seyhan Dwelis Curation Facility curates and manages collections obtained during archaeological investigations by the UCCS Department of Anthropology and other artifacts related to UCCS history. We also curate collections obtained from various projects by other agencies by state and federal regulations that relate to the research interests of the Department of Anthropology faculty.

The Facility meets 36 CFR 79 federal requirements and is a state-approved repository located on the campus of UCCS housed in the Department of Anthropology within Centennial Hall.

History of the Facility
Facility Curation Agreements
Access to the Facility